Essential Equipment Required to Establish Your Music Production House

Depending on your budget, studio monitors and a Shure SM-58 microphone may be all you need to start recording your tracks. Some other essential equipment includes Intel CPUs, Memory, and Studio monitors. It would help if you considered purchasing a few additional pieces of equipment for your music production in Dubai. These will all be necessary for recording audio tracks and mixing them. These pieces are also useful for mixing and mastering.

Studio monitors:

To establish a successful music production house, you must invest in quality studio monitors. Although studio monitors can cost several hundred dollars, they can be purchased under AED 200. They can accurately represent the recorded sound, but they are not a substitute for good headphones. You should also purchase acoustically treated walls around your studio to minimize possible sound reflections. To find the best monitors for your needs, follow the tips below.

Shure SM-58 microphone:

If you want to establish your own music production house, you should invest in Shure SM-58 microphones. These microphones are renowned for their quality and durability. The Shure SM-58 microphone is subjected to rigorous testing in the company’s Quality Lab. The microphones are repeatedly dropped from different heights, and mechanical damage is evaluated after each drop.

Intel CPUs:

To establish a music production house, you’ll need a processor, and the better your processor is, the better the quality of the tracks you create. Your CPU’s speed, or how many instructions it can process per cycle, is vital to the overall performance of your system. For this reason, it’s best to invest in a high-end model, like an Intel Core i9-10900K, which features ten processing cores and Thunderbolt 3 compatibility. Its high-end performance will enable you to render and export your tracks quickly. Moreover, you can overclock the processor to 5.5GHz for additional speed.


While you might not be thrilled to hear that your computer has a lot of memory, it is crucial to your music production business. Your computer’s processing power determines how quickly you can complete a task. RAM is often underrated, but your production software needs to run smoothly. This will also help your computer respond quickly to various tasks, such as file conversions and mix-downs. You can also use more recording tracks if you have enough RAM.