How Can I Start a Business in the Sharjah Free Zone?

Setting up a business in Sharjah publishing freezone is a great way to avoid paying taxes and other fees. In the United Arab Emirates, income and corporate tax are exempt. While value-added tax remains compulsory, it is reduced for business owners in the UAE. The same is true for Sharjah businesses. But if you are considering setting up a business in a free zone, here are some reasons to consider.

Company formation process:

A company formation process to start a business in the Sharjah-free zone offers exceptional benefits and enables your business to grow rapidly. A qualified consultant will help you decide whether company formation is a good idea for your business and will also assist you in obtaining the necessary licenses. You will need to submit the appropriate documents, obtain a trading license, and register the company to begin operations.

The process to establish a company in Sharjah is straightforward and quick. In addition to zero corporate taxes, there are no import and export duties. Sharjah is a world-class trading hub, boasting a large non-oil sector, contributing nearly 70% of the UAE’s GDP. This low-cost business environment makes it an attractive place to start a business.

Advantages of setting up a business in a free zone:

If you plan to set up a business in the Sharjah free zone, there are many advantages. One of these benefits is that you can employ 100% expatriate employees. There are also several additional benefits that you can benefit from as well. If you are unsure about how much the cost of setting up a business in the free zone is, you can get a free consultation to learn more about the costs and what type of business entity would suit your needs.

Reasons to set up a business in a free zone:

UAE has 45 free zones that focus on strategic development for certain industries. Foreign investors favor these free zones as they provide several advantages to investors. Sharjah free zone is one of them. Its ease of incorporation process and the various kinds of licenses it offers are just a few of them. This article will discuss some of the reasons why you should set up a business in the UAE.