Things We Should Pay Attention To During the Property Maintenance Process

We should pay attention to many things during the property maintenance procedure. Here are some of them: Preventative maintenance, common area maintenance, Snow removal, Repairs, and more. We recommend staggering maintenance visits so that preventative maintenance visits can be done at different times of the year. We suggest scheduling preventative maintenance visits before and after tenants to move in. After all, they’ll be living in the space, so they will be more likely to notice if there’s an issue. Furthermore, hiring property maintenance services in Dubai is the best option for this job. 

Preventive maintenance:

There are many benefits of implementing preventive maintenance during the property management process. By preventing potential problems, this process will save you money. This money will then be used to invest in valuable upgrades and repairs to increase the building’s functionality and appeal to tenants. Moreover, preventive maintenance can be done quickly and efficiently, which reduces the need for reactive maintenance. These upgrades and repairs are also more cost-effective and can increase the NOI of the property. Although preventive maintenance is more expensive than routine maintenance, it can save you money.

Common area maintenance:

One of the costs of owning a property is Common Area Maintenance. This is a fee paid by individual unit owners to manage the operational expenses of the common area. As a result, the fees charged for common area maintenance vary significantly from property to property. While they are not necessarily the same, these costs are typically in the form of a load factor that is reflected in the rent. This fee may be a percentage of the rent paid for the common area.

Snow removal:

Snow removal during the property maintenance process can be an extremely complex task, especially during the winter season. It can be a real challenge if you don’t have a property manager on hand. Snow removal is important for ensuring a safe building, but it’s also important to avoid causing injury or damage to your property by following the correct protocols. To avoid these unforeseen complications, you can create a property map that will allow your contractors to target the most critical areas and minimize the risk of damages. For example, in commercial properties, the hazards can include speed bumps, maintenance holes, drainage locales, and general pavement damage.